Committee Structure

Our current committee structure includes Development, Scholarship, Annual Forum, Governance and Homeland Connection.

The Development Committee is focused on telling our story, creating communications campaigns, fundraising, donor stewardship, and building community of stakeholders. The Scholarship Committee recruits community members to join the Scholarship Selection Committee, identifies a team mentor to students during the fall semester, and manages the active one-on-one mentoring of students during the spring semester. The Annual Forum Committee plans the annual forum, rotating cities, and collaborates with other BiH groups. The role of the Governance Committee is of an internal nature, focused on the roles of the Treasurer (Financials), Secretary (Registrations & Filings), IT/website management, succession planning, board training, and board on-boarding. And finally the Homeland Connection Committee is the newest committee currently filling the gap in fulfilling the organization’s mission by connecting BAPA better to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Committee work is primarily done via email, and may include the occasional call to discuss certain priorities. An annual strategy retreat is planned to correspond to the annual forum. This allows the board to assess the strategic plan every year, as well as meet face to face, as board members are spread across the United States and Canada. During the strategy retreat at the forum, BAPA assesses its priorities for the upcoming year, and develops an implementation plan.  BAPA’s goals for the future are to increase the funds awarded to each scholarship recipient in the next five years, and continue the engagement of the BAPA network and specifically the BAPA scholarship alumni.