Amra grew up in the town of Zvornik in the beautiful northeastern part of Bosnia and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from the S.J. Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah in 2011. In her current role as an ER/EEO Consultant, Amra is an advocate for equality and fairness by ensuring that Salt Lake County complies with state and federal employment discrimination laws.

Amra is passionate about BAPA’s mission and believes that BAPA can play a pivotal role in connecting the diaspora, supporting individuals with their educational and professional goals, as well as strengthening ties with Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is a founding board member of BAPA and currently acts as the Board Secretary and is part of the Development Committee.

In her private life, Amra likes to take advantage of living in Salt Lake! She loves to hike, ski, and snowshoe in Utah’s mountains and simply get lost in the incredible nature surrounding the city.



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