APU Network

Spotlight: The APU Network

APU is an acronym for Academics (Akademici), Entrepreneurs (Poduzetnici) and Artists (Umjetnici). It is a Swedish non-profit organization with over 400 members, located mainly in Sweden, who have Bosnian-Herzegovinian backgrounds. APU’s mission is to strenghten BiH Diaspora in Sweden, further develop relations and cooperations between Sweden and BiH, help BiH get closer to EU membership, and promote a positive image on BiH. APU Network members aim to help each other professionally by “opening doors for one another”.

To learn more about APU, please visit apunetwork.net. Please be advised that currently the website is in Swedish only.

APU President, Armin Hodzic, winner of the 2015 Bosana “Do-Gooder Award”

President of the APU Network, Armin Hodzic, was the recipient of Bosana’s “Do-Gooder Award” and accepted the award on behalf of the APU Network. (Photo courtesy of Bosana Foundation and APU Network)